Cherry Wine [Dry]

Cherry Wine [Dry]  7/18/08
·    3 lbs bing cherries  smushed
2 lbs finely granulated sugar  SG- start    1.80
·    7-1/2 pts water
·    2 tsp acid blend
·    1/4 tsp tannin
·    1/2 tsp pectic enzyme
·    1 tsp yeast nutrient
·    3 bananas
·    Handful raisins
·    Lalvin-EC-1118  wine yeast
Crushed fruit-
Added sugar and water- tested SG.
Added acid blend, tannin, PE., Yeast nutrient,  and yeast-
Stirred vigorsly-
Added bananas and raisins-
Sugar sits on bottom- stirred twice aday
7/22/08  first racking…
8/08/08- finished

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