Friends Wine Making Group 2011


Harvested  on  10/16/11

by: Amanda Jamison, Brandon Mills, Cesar Orozco, Denise Jamison, Dennis Piciullo, Jacob Peaty, Karin Kemmerer Peaty,Kimberly Crothers, Mary Piciullo,  Neil Peaty, Nick Clay, Peter Lillo,  Rachael Piciullo, Dale Jamison.

  • 650# cabernet (50%)
  • 260# cab. Franc (20%)
  • 260# merlot (20%)
  • 130# petite Verdot (10%)
took about 2 hours to harvest and then came home to hand de-stem and crush.
aprox. 125 gallons of  must
SG.- 1.090
brix 22*
added potassium metabisulfite on 10/17/11 -10 am.
10/18/11- 7 pm.
added to top of must;
  • 4 oz. French Red, wine yeast- WY20
  • 100g opti red yeast nutrient
  • 3 oz. fermaid k yeast food.
punched down and mixed up, lid is off with a towel covering.
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  2. Wow.
    I mean, just…wow.

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