Friendship wine

May friendship, like fine wine, improve as time advances.
And may we always have old wines, old friends, and no worries.


grapes picked on 8/30/09 pressed and started wine on 8/31/09

SG- 1.072

Yeast- epernay II

quite possible these grapes are:

Niagara grapes are a variety of the native North American grape species, Vitis labrusca.

Niagara grapes have a slight Labrusca foxiness that lends itself to a sweet or slightly-sweet wine.

I am still looking at the variety, and I think they are more like Catawba grapes; Although usually classified as Vitis labrusca, Catawba is widely believed to have at least some Vitis vinifera in its background. The grape can have a pronounced musky or “foxy” flavor, which some aficionados consider inferior to the flavor of V. vinifera, though others find it distinctive and pleasant.

Very good in its way
Is the Verzenay,
Or the Sillery soft and creamy;
But Catawba wine
Has a taste more divine,
More dulcet, delicious, and dreamy.-  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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