to make Grog

it will be in the skeeter Pee fashion, using the lees from a finishing wine-

This recipe is the sixth in the summer wine series.

the mother  lees is from, Mojo, which then rolled into Pine~sol, then Cantaloupe, then skeeter Pee (lemon) and then Hot pepper peach, and Now Grog.

The Royal Navy’s grog recipe includes lemon juice, water, rum, and cinnamon.

Rum is made from fermenting molasses and then distilling. Grog is watered down rum, mixed with lime juice and cinnamon. I will be making it with brown sugar/water and drop in several whole cinnamon stix-
the lime will come in to play- with a qt. of au natural limeade.

“i have t’ limeade and brown sugar”

first I will rack the hot pepper peach;

then add;

  • apple for the malic acid
  • banana to feed the yeast
  • tea for the tannin- 1 cup
  • limeade for the citric acid and flavor- 1 qt.
  • brown sugar- for color and the yeast- 3#
  • cinnamon sticks -4 ea

started 7/12 /10
SG: – 1.06

The Ingredients

starting to cook the brown sugar and apple

the start

7/27/10- racked- 2 gallons

added 2 campden tabs, a tsp. pectic enzymes.

checking Sg level

Bulk age

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