Guava wine

Guava wine recipe 2/09/09

quava nectar made from boiling fresh quavas and straining

1 qt. quava nectar
2# black table grapes
1/4 banana
water to 2 gallon
5# sugar
2 lemons squeezed

ph. 3.2
sg. 1.062

yeast -epernay II
yeast nutrient- 1 tsp.
yeast food 1 tsp.
acid balance 1 tsp.

malic acid 1 tsp.
tartaric acid 1 tsp.

finished 3/1/09

Lakeport,Ca. wine competition

First Place- Fruit wine division

Published on December 8, 2009 at 12:01 AM  Comments (8)  

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  1. Hey Neil, we’ve recently moved to Costa Rica and have a bunch of guava trees on our property. We want to try out your recipe but we are NOVICES…totally… at making wine (not drinking it) 🙂 What details can you provide to help make this a little less painful?

    Gracias y Ciao
    Lorraine & Gil

    • I cut the guavas in half and boiled them to make a nectar, then strained the juice from the fruit.
      when cooled I started the wine.

      looking at my first recipe, I would not add any citrus, nor grapes-
      I would ferment the juice with an apple and some good strong tea ( for tannins and malic acid)
      I use a banana for the yeast food- and either pectic enzyms or some fresh papaya to help clear it- naturally.
      and my fav. yeast- EC 118

      you can find me on FB Chef neil creations of you want to chat more

      • hello Neil, i started a batch of guava wine by mashing abt 3 lbs of very ripe guavas and sugar and soem tea leaves, now after keeping it for 10 days the scent if awful….smells like rotten guava, am i in the right path or would i kill anything with this? please help.
        plus i cannot find the fancy yeast over here so i added somelocal yeast, my grape wine came out fine with the same yeast, but this i dontknow can you or anyone help please.

      • Did it start to ferment right away?
        if it didn’t I suspect it is bad.

  2. i have been making quava wine just by fermenting very ripe quavas, sugar, water and yeast. I just squash up the quavas.
    Can anyone advise me how to clear it – the finished product is cloudy.

  3. I’m thinking about starting a batch of this… Are there any additional changes or ideas you’ve come up with since last post?

    You’re an inspiration


    • Thanks-
      considering the judges awarded me the gold, I will keep it the same.
      the black grapes, only thing in season at the time. you could use a pinot noir juice if available-

  4. Did you back sweeten this at all??

    If so, what was the final SG?

    I just whipped some up, and when i took the first reading it was at 1150!!! Holy cow…

    Would you suggest adding more water?

    I’m just over 2 gallons, and I have it at 1100 now –– ph 3.2

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