Spiced Apple mead

day 1

day 1

day 7

day 7

racking appol wine

racking appol wine



topped up with fermenting  apple juice


2 gallons apple juice

7# apples

12 oz. zante currant raisens

1 teabag- made 1/2 gal tea

1 lemon

3 star anise

4 whole cloves

6 all spice

1/4 nutmeg

6 pound honey

1/4 banana

1/4 papaya

9 oz. karo syrup

2 # sugar

2/11/10- Sg reading at .995- slightly cloudy

taste is light apple with a cinnamon finish.

11/21/10- racked, campden, back sweetend and clarified.

Published on August 30, 2009 at 8:50 PM  Comments (6)  

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  1. Yum YUM!!


  2. How long are aging your meads?

    • Each mead is different.
      I have had some that are drinkable right off fermentation and some have taken 2 years. I bulk age until they are clear and not dropping fine lees.
      when they taste good, that is when I start preparing them for bottling.

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  5. Very nice to the minds eye! I was initially looking to see if I could simply ferment Karo syrup, but this sounds delightful!

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