Mojito wine- AKA. Mojo.

the bulk of the ingredients:

started: 4/12/10

shopping list;

  • 3 bottles of simply limeade (59 oz. size)
  • 10 pounds sugar
  • 1 bag of fresh mint


In the blender I put a small very ripe banana, warm water, EC 118 yeast and the mint.

I pulsated until mixed up.

mint/yeast slurry

Then I took 1 bottle of limeade and 5# sugar and heated on stove,

then heated the other two bottles of limeade and half the bag of sugar.

this helps breakdown sugar so the yeast have an easier time.

heating the limeade and sugar

I also made a strong cup of tea, and added it (tannic acid)

then I added cool water to the 2o qt. marker on my bucket.

took an SG reading- 1.07

SG reading

It came out right on, so I checked the temp,it wasn’t too hot.

I added 2 tsp. yeast nutrients

then the yeast slurry.

and gave it a final mixing.

mojo started!


SG;- -1000.

racked the wine into a carboy, added approx a tsp. of potassium bicarbonate

5 campden tablets and two tsp. wine finisher.

I degassed and put an airlock on it.


tested SG; .997

it is clear, like water, sweet enough to give you flavor, but not to make you thirsty.

the lime is very light.

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  1. Well, we’re dying to know…how’d it come out??

    • Allen-
      it was started on 4/12- typically my 5 gallon batches take 3 weeks to ferment,
      tonight, 4/21/10 the SG is. 1.05, it started at 1.07.
      this morning I added a tsp of yeast nutrients and yeast food. it’s fermenting along.

  2. I’m going to make this this weekend with lees from a rhubarb cherry wine. Did this recipe make 5 gallons?

    • Matt,
      Yes it does.
      Let me know how it goes for ya.

  3. This does have such a light lime and mint flavor that I’m tempted to add a bottle of lime juice (15oz) and another package worth of mint. Any thoughts?

    • Matt,
      most of the time I jump in with both feet, then step back to see what I have done.
      In this case- I played it safe, I think the subtle flavors will come through, and being it is a summer wine, wanting it light, and refreshing for these warm summer days.
      Time will tell. next batch…

  4. Started today, but didn’t have the full recipe. Spot on sg with 8# of sugar. Will add tea and nutrient tomorrow, the smell was to die for. My 10 year old helping with the mixer did not agree. Can’t wait.

    • Can’t wait to hear the updates.

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