Wine and cheese wheel

Wine and cheese wheel

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My next wine… Goji berry

I am going to use some pumace from my past red wine and rehydrate dried goji berries.

What does Goji berry wine taste like?
Sort of like the sweetness of grape, the tartness of cranberry, and the tannic character of pomegranate all combined, with a lingering savory character of its own and a hint of carrots.
It drinks like a grape wine, but it still feels nearly as rich as a brandy

Known for centuries in Asia, goji berries are called “happy berries” in China, where there aphrodisiac powers are held in high regard. In Chinese medicine, goji berries are administered to strengthen the adrenal system, believed to be a center of sexual energy. The fruit’s aphrodisiac status even found its way into an ancient Chinese proverb warning men who travel away from their families: “He who travels one thousand kilometers from home should not eat goji”

The berries are most often sold dried , in which state their sweet/sour taste is like an intense cross between a dried cranberry and a golden raisin.

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Sonoma home winemakers awards dinner

We were lucky enough to be sat next to kathleen Hill, for dinner.

She writes;

Sonoma Home Winemakers announced their medal winners at a recent sold-out dinner at Vintage House senior center, cooked by Rich Treglia and teens from Ragazze, the Teen Center and the Sonoma Valley High School Culinary program.

The teen servers, including Julie, Dora, Anthony, Abel and Rebecca, showed skills more sophisticated than some servers in Sonoma restaurants. Esther, José and Juan cooked alongside Treglia, producing excellent spinach salad, best mashed potatoes anywhere, tri-tip, grilled vegetables and bread.

Best of class winners included Steven Wyngard, of Nash Vineyards, who won best white for his chardonnay. Dr. Jeff Lopes, of Lopes Vineyard, won best red for his syrah, and Ken Thornton, of Red Lady Winery, got best label for his zinfandel.

Other medal winners included for individual wines include Neil Peaty (4) Chris Kukshtel (4), Jack Gray, Lou Leal (3), Steven Wyngard (4), Jack Gray, Raj Iyer, , Jerry and Dale Sullivan (2), Dennis Przybycien (2), Salvatore Troia (2), Steve Smith (2), Lon Mclain, Doug Ghiselin (2), Ken Thornton (3), Scott Andrews, Jeff Lopes (2), Jeff Robertson (3), Lynn Cox, Brian Eagle, John Randazzo (2), Larry Castelli, John Sciocchetti, Doug Fritz et al, Bob Gilson, Jim Mc Cully, Steve Thomas, Chuck Vetrano and Scott Andrews


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Two more awards!

I entered some of my wines in the local (Geyserville) Amateur wine competition.
Tonight was the awards dinner.

D r U m RooooooooooooooooooLL (please) smileycheers.gif

Chili lime wine- Silver

Grog- Bronze

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Sangria 2012

Sangria 2012

Sangria 2012

all fruit and grape pumace- awaiting yeast inoculation.

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Mojo 2012

Mojo 2012

Mojo 2012- is my third time making this recipe. I will be using Agave nectar to give it a Margarita style flavor.

 at the point of second racking and stabilization I will be adding Pink lemonade to half- creating “Pink Lady”.
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Another wine competition….

I  was given a link to a competition by my wife. An e-mail, a returned phone call and 2.5 hours later, 9 wines were entered into the  2011 Geyserville Amateur Winemakers Competition.

I went to the cellar and started pulling out sample bottles. Then I tasted, and decided on these.

I entered;

  1. Mojo II
  2. Rice wine
  3. Cantaloupe
  4. chili lime
  5. Grog
  6. Sangria
  7. Phoenix Red
  8. Syrah
  9. 7 sundays Rincon Red field blend.’s Annual Amateur Winemaking Competition
2011 Geyserville Amateur Winemakers Competition

The Geyserville Chamber’s Annual Amateur Winemaking Competitionwill be held Wednesday, Feb. 8, at the Oriental Hall/Grange, with a showcase dinner to honor all entries Mar. 7 at Geyserville Inn,  21714 Geyserville Ave.

Sylvia Linde of Linde Vineyards started this competition in 1995 to share and compare products with other local winemakers. The competition soon  became part of the Fall Colors Festival.

Amateur winemaker Ron Scheiber, co-owner of the Hope Merrill/Hope Bosworth B & Bs took over the the competition 11 years ago. He took it to a new level by featuring the award winning wines at the March Chamber of Commerce Dinner.  It has now outgrown the dinner, with over 60 entries in 2011.

The Geyserville Inn and Dan Christianson will partner with Scheiber and  the Geyserville Amatuer Winemaking Competition to host an awards dinner on Mar.7 that will feature the wines entered.

All Sonoma County residents are encouraged to enter their home crafted wine. Entries are to be dropped off at Bosworth & Sons.

Scheiber will personally organize all the wines entered , then Scheiber and  his crew will brown bag and schlep the wine to its destination for tasting by local wine industry professionals.

This year’s judges are Christian Lane, Accellarate Consulting & Wine Services; Dan Glover, L’Objet Noir WinesDeborah Mitchel Serval, Vintage Wine Estates; Erik Overholt, Linde Vineyards; Graham Parnell, Enology Professional; Jeremy Kreck, Mill Creek Vineyards & Winery; Jim Forchini,Forchini Vineyards & Winery; Phyllis Zouzounis, Deux Amis Winery; and Richard Morehouse, Pedroncelli Winery.

Info is available at or from Scheiber at or 857-3356. The fee is $8 per entry of 2 bottles of wine. Applications are at the home page or you can pick one up at Bosworth & Sons. Volunteers are welcome and needed;contact Ron Scheiber.

Tickets for the Geyserville Amateur Wine Competition Dinner are available

Connect and enjoy!

If  a wine tastes good, it tastes better when you taste it with the winemaker. There is a connection and the next time you open that bottle you can think or say, “When I was tasting this with Neil…”

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 is a green-skinned grape variety used to make white wine. It is originated from the Burgundy wine region of eastern France.

I am looking for a faux oaking from the vanilla beans and a fresh citrusy flavor with the pronounced dryness of the chardonnay grape.

I bought a can of chablis juice concentrate and used fresh oranges and lemons that were given to me as well as a handful of  chopped vanilla  beans.

this white wine is capable of accommodating most palates and just as many food pairing combinations.


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