Peach Wine 2011

This recipe uses Black corinth grapes, cold soaked 24 hours with campden, and pressed, to get a nice greenish/yellow juice. Next  I added peaches and a yeast slurry from the pear cyser.


  • 2 gallons of Black corinth grape juice (started with aprox 40# grapes)
  • 18 cans (pounds) peaches and juice
  • 1 qt. yeast slurry from pear cyser
Pressing the grapes
the juice
juice and peaches
 testing the Sg.
Starting Sg. 1.08
The drags/waste from pear cyser
strained slurry with a can of peaches added to activate the yeast.
yeast slurry becoming active.
Over night!  A nice raft of peaches sitting on top- great smells and bubbly action!
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