Persimmon Wine


blended Persimmons with water- 10 gallons of puree

Added 5  tablets of campden to each bucket.



  • water- 5 gallons
  • 10 gallons persimmon puree
  • sugar- 20#
  • peptic enzymes- 1 0z.
  • wine tannin 1 0z.
  • Niagara grape juice 2- 11.5 oz. frozen concentrate
  • oak shreds- 1 oz
  • yeast 2 pkg. ec118
  • 2 bananas
  • tannic acid- 3 oz.

SG- 1.07 (must is thick, might be giving a false reading)

PH- 4.4

20 gallon fermentor


straining the must;

racking to secondary;

secondary filled and airlocked;

2 days after straining- fermentation has slowed, and layers are forming.

2/1/10- racked wine off of lees.

lees pictured;

racking wine to bulk aging carboy;

wine in bulk aging carboy

Finished wine!

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  2. You really lost alot of juice at racking.
    Perhaps you should strain threw a cheese cloth ,that way you will transfer less pulp.

    • The fruit was pureed in the beginning. Not having a crusher or a press, I thought I could get more flavor out this way.
      I started to strain through a strainer bag and the results were slow, and not proving to be a good procedure-
      I then switched to the china cap strainer eliminating most of the pulp.
      after I racked it again I let it sit, the lees had very little wine in them-I am usually meticulous about getting all the wine,
      I tilted the carboy and let sit over night, I racked off about a cups worth from each.
      the consistency of the lees was like jelly. I have not seen a wine move along so fast, like this one.

  3. Creative stuff here, Chef Neil. Do you plan to make a chart that will at least list your wines and type of flavour taste characteristics? It would be helpful and of course, an opportunity for poetic taste adjectives!

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