Pina~Colada Wine


1/2 gal white grape juice
2# frozen/thawed pineapple
1/4 banana and skin
1 lime squeezed and left in
1 young cooconut-milk and flesh
4 # sugar
water to finish-2gallons

epernay II yeast
pectic enzym

sg- 1.09

racked – 5/11/09

Published on December 8, 2009 at 11:40 PM  Comments (6)  

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  2. When you say 4# or 2# does that mean cups? and did this turn out good? Can you use overripe banana or should it be green?

    • Melanie,
      That is the standard American Pound (weight).
      4 POUNDS.

      it turned out nice- the coconut is different than you would think- almost almondy-
      the more the wine breathes before drinking- the less nutty taste-
      as far as the banana- I use the ripest I can find-
      I usually have a a supply in freezer, as they get to ripe to make smoothies- I peel and freeze for future use.
      my next pina~colada- I would leave out the grape juice and add pineapple juice instead.

      be careful- some banana is good- for the yeast- too much- it will overtake the original flavor- and you will have banana wine-
      this I learned from exp. my mandarin mead- has no orange flavor (laughs).

  3. Do you end up transferring to a carboy under airlock or did you keep you wine in the glass jar from your picture the entire time?

    • I ferment most of my wines in the glass primary and usually rack to secondary
      when it reaches 1000- typically I use 1 gallon glass jugs with airlocks.
      my bigger batches go from the bucket fermenter to a glass carboy.
      I keep them near the heater vent until finisshed then move them to either the garage or back closet- I like my wines to cold stabilize over the winter in the garage.
      by May- they are all tucked in my back closet where they stay cool all summer long.

  4. Can you put any pics up on here of your finished bottled products, seems like many of them don’t have any? Can you use whole fresh pineapples instead of frozen pineapple and adding juice? I am considering adding some fresh mint somewhere in the process to heighten the flavor, do you think this would be a perk or a problem?

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