Pine~Sol ~ a nice skeeter pee style pineapple drink you enjoy icy cold in the sun.


  • lees from Mojo (limeade and mint)
  • pineapple stock made from  fresh pineapple skins
  • pineapple juice (3 x 46 oz.)
  • sugar – 10 pounds
  • a banana
  • pectic enzymes 1 oz.
  • yeast food 1 oz.
  • yeast nutrient 1 oz.
  • water to 22 qt. mark

starting SG. 1.90


the wine has calmed down, lees settled, and no visible action.

I tested the SG- right on 1.000

after bottling in indv. bottles- I decided the pineapple was to acidic-

I took the remaining wine and blended it with chardonnay-

then bottled- 11/20/10


Published on May 10, 2010 at 3:39 PM  Comments (2)  

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