Roasted Garlic Wine-

Roasted Garlic Wine- 2/9/09

2#  black table  grapes
8 oz. roasted garlic
2 oz. raw garlic
1/4 bannana
2.5# sugar
yeast nutrient- 1 tsp.
yeast food -1 tsp.
yeast 1/4 tsp- epernay II
water to 1 gallon
SG. 1.07
Ph. 3.3
malic acid 1 tsp.
tartaric acid 1 tsp.

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  1. OK I have to know… how did this wine turn out and what was your goal for this one. seems quite the oddity to me but I love garlic… I bet it would mix well with your tomato wine. See there ya go, make an onion wine mix all three and you have a salsa wine then a hit of habanero

    • this wine was thought of- soon after We visited Gilroy, Ca.
      I had a garlic wine- which tasted like chardonnay with powdered garlic.
      Being a chef, I though I could make the wine a little more palatable, by fermenting the garlic in with the grapes.
      It had been a long process, it never cleared. the color is rosey pink, the flavor is a mellow garlic, however the “nose” is powerful!
      once past your nose- one could actually drink this, the addiction is like drinking a “hot” wine (jalapeno or Habanero)
      I thought it would be a different way, and a whole new level of seasoning foods, by combining flavored wines-
      though one must have a few flavors to get the desired result.
      at this point I am gonna rack it and degas- with the hopes it will fall clear.

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