Smashing Red

2007 harvest red wine-8-20-07
50% estate cab/merlot/zin
50% pinot from fortino/Rodney strong

Foot crushed 3 barrels finish-
Added 5 campden tabs each

Brix-avg. 18%
SG-1.08, 8-21- 12.5% alc. When done…
Added- 1 pkg. wine yeast-mixed with warm water

1 teaspoon of tannin
1 teaspoon of yeast nutrient
1 teaspoon of acid blend
1 teaspoon of pectin enzyme
stirred…covered with lid- no air lock

8/23/07- put all together in big fermenting bucket-
2 gallons fermenting with out seeds-etc.
For topping up.

8/29- pressed must and put in buckets w/ airlock-
Took must bags and added water let sit overnight and pressed again
No action in buckets-8/30 made a starter
Added to all three buckets and dropped in a 1 oz. teabag of oak chips..

9/5- racked wine from buckets to glass carboys-
2- 6 gals and 1 gal. with 3 qts. For top up in freezer.

SG was at 1.01.- I added 13 campden tabs-
Racking was messy-lots of lees went in to carboys- added yeast nutrient and energizer- 1 tsp each per carboy-

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