Summer Wine Series

This Wine series was created as an experiment to see if the yeast can be used from batch to batch of wines, and also to see how the flavor of the previous wine carries over to the new wine.

I started the next wine with the lees from the previous wine.

  1. Mojo – 4/12/10
  2. Pine~Sol – 5/20/10
  3. Cantaloupe – 4/24/10
  4. skeeter Pee (lemon) – 5/24/10
  5. Hot pepper peach – 7/1/10
  6. Grog – 7/12/10
  7. Kahlua – 8/1/10
  8. Cherry- Syrah – 8/30/10
  9. Candy cane 9/10/2010
  10. Temprnillo/Petite syrah  9/21/2010
  11. wassail  9/16/2010
  12. French colombard/California Carignan / California Grenache    9/28/10
Published on July 28, 2010 at 1:21 PM  Comments (2)  

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  1. I would like to know how this experiment turned out. Also, I notice that a lot of your recipes include a banana. What does a banana add to the fermentation party?
    Thanks for the nice site and documenting your experiments!

    • Andy-
      the banana, adds food for the yeast.

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