Tempranillo / Petite Syrah- 2012

Tempranillo / Petite Syrah- 2012

Harvested on  8/26/12- crushed and de-stemmed on site.

(Yolo County)

80% Tempranillo

20% Petite syrah

SG.- 1.95

TA.- .75 after corrections (was .45 added Tartaric acid)

s02 to stabilize- 24 hours.

Yeast- Rockpile, RP15 (wy24) Isolated from spontaneous Rockpile Syrah fementations in collaboration with winemaker Jeff Cohn. Moderate speed fermenter with alcohol tolerances to 17%. Used in concentrated reds for a lush, balanced mouthfeel. Charaterized by red fruit and mineral notes. Low to moderate nitrogen demand. Used to make Syrah, Zinfandel and Petite Sirah and other Rhone varieties.

yeast food- Go-ferm red

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