Udder Mayhem– milk wine

milk wine  3/1/09   (udder mayhem)

made a tea with
2 cups hot water
cinnamon stick
star anise

then add 4# sugar water (4 qts.)
1 gallon of lactose free milk
added pectic enzyms and yeast energizer
used EC 1118 yeast
Sg reading- 1.085

up date: Aug 24 2009
I racked again and have not topped up, having 1 full gallon and a half full gallon jug of wine-
still not crystal clear- –

I took the half bottle and added 30 whole coffee beans to it- and in two weeks have had some color changes-

as well as a nice french roast aftertaste.
the wine is still hot- but drinkable-
the waiting game is on… I am testing the coffee bean infused wine each week-

and will rack it so it isn’t all coffee flavored- I do want some of the milk qualities left in, not masked by coffee…

next time – a thought, to ferment bean in the primary and let the flavors and color work from day one…

well it’s been 6 months… the cellar got very warm over the summer

and is now back down to cool temps…

the milk wine- clear- not much taste, nothing unpleasant.

taste 2 milk wine with coffee beans added after fermentation:

color is yellowish or golden, tastes nearly same.

this wine is very different. to say the least-

the name makes you think what it should taste like- yet tasting-

almost like a good vodka..
the flavor is not any one thing to remind

you what it was made from-

yet the alcohol after-wards says- I jus had wine.

milk wine

Milk wine with coffee bean infusion
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  1. Hmm, What if you were to use milk with lactose in it? Obviously you’d have some residual sweetness since lactose isn’t fermented but that may also promote some additional residual milk flavor?

    • Matt-
      lactose (milk sugar) does not ferment.

      • thats what he said 😉

        i think Matt is right, using normal milk will leave a touch of sweetness and body, because, as you both said, lactose does not ferment.

        some great looking recipes on here btw!!

  2. I am gonna try this. Looks great. I hope it also tastes great. Thank for the recipe.

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