Wine Country Sourdough


After researching sourdough and rethinking everything I knew already- I went out and thieved from the bottom of the fermentor, as much lees as I could with out getting wine- this is like reverse racking…

the recipe calls for equal amounts in weight liquid to whole wheat flour.
I did get out the scale and weigh it- it worked out to 1 cup liquid and just a tad under 2 cups flour.
I mixed together and got almost a dough ball, slightly sticky.
This is dryer than I am used to- however today’s research this is better for the creatures to multiply in.

I am now awaiting the bubbly action (signs) of life, and will feed it daily to help it grow.
research says to toss away half of starter and add twice the amount, I will be splitting it in half and have two starters.
from there I will feed and nurture it along, switching to a white flour after a week off feedings.
aI will divide it up into a starter for some pizza dough and for the mother, then I will store it in refrigerator.

DAY  2:

I divided the starter in half and added a cup of warm water and just under 2 cups whole wheat flour to each half. I mixed by hand until the water and flour and starter was incorporated.

put into two bowls with lids and left in oven with the light on-


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